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Origin Easifold Doors - Surpassing Industry Standards On Doors Yet Again

22nd September 2011

We recently introduced 20-year guarantees on our Easifold range of folding sliding doors, at a time when other manufacturers were only offering 10 years.

Then we launched our “Your lead time, not ours,” initiative which means your doors will be made for you as soon as we get your order, when other manufacturers typically take between four and 12 weeks to supply.

Now thermal improvements to the Easifold range mean our doors outperform current British Building Regulations by a staggering amount! Their U values are now down to 1.32 W/m²K*, well below the level of 1.8 set by the Government. This means your Origin bifold doors will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer as the transfer of temperature between inside and outside is so minimal. Our uncompromising design has included the most advanced thermal breaks and locking mechanisms and our weather tight seals ensure maximum compression for increased weather resistance. 

U values are the measurement of heat transmission through a material or assembly of materials. They quantify how much heat energy is lost through the fabric of a building across different materials and thicknesses so the lower the U value, the greater it’s insulating value … and the lower your energy bill to heat your home.

For all you techies out there, it is defined as the rate of heat flow in watts (W) through an area of 1 square metre (m) for a temperature difference across the structure of 1°C or Kelvin (K).

* For a triple glazed unit.