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Origin Doors

The world's leading specialist manufacturer of aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Designed and manufactured in-house by Origin, each and every door is custom made and available in a huge range of sliding and Bi-folding configurations.

  • Optimum Security

    Origin’s Doors combine a stylish finish with the latest in high performance technology to protect your home. Manufactured and assembled exclusively in our UK based factory, our unique 8 point locking system conforms to all the latest security standards.

    The doors feature chamfered 20mm linear bolts which provide smooth operation when engaging the lock. The locking system features linear bolts, combined with deep throw 25mm security hooks and strong hinges, to give maximum compression to ensure the doors are as secure and weather resistant as possible.

    A diagram highlighting the different parts of a secure left door, using an image of an Origin door
    1. 1 Two deep throw hooks locking system and anti lift bars top and bottom
    2. 2 Large shoot bolts at the top and bottom
    3. 3 Eight point locking system
    4. 4 High security lock
    5. 5 High security hinges
    6. 6 High security frames

  • A close up of Origin's free-glide roller system


    it's as swift, smooth and simple as that.

    A gentle push is all it takes to create your new living space. The secret lies beneath each lightweight frame section where our unique free - glide roller system makes opening and closing Origin Bi-fold Doors an effortless and satisfying experience.

  • Endless options

    Colour? the choice is yours

    Make a statement, or simply match the surroundings of your home. Contemporary or traditional. Whether your taste runs to the subtle or the outrageous, we've created a colour palette to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

    Origin Bi-fold Doors are coated with an ultra-durable polyester powder manufactured by Interpon, the world leader. With all this choice and the scope to have doors with different colours inside and out, your options are virtually limitless.

    Ergonomic and stylish accessories

    Accessories that are ergonomic and timeless

    Origin Bi-fold handles just do it so much better. The handles of your Origin Bi-fold Doors are its primary point of human contact. They must blend reliable functionality with tasteful aesthetics and real-world ergonomics. When you hold them, they must communicate safety and robustness.

    That's why our handles are given the same attention to detail as every other component. Whether you choose premium stainless steel or colour coordinated ones, you can be assured of a contemporary handle which offers the same faultless service as the doors themselves.

    Choose your configuration

    Thousands of folding and sliding combinations

    Thousands of configuration options

    Choosing your Origin Bi-fold Doors has never been easier. Once you know your rough opening sizes or you're set on a particular number of doors and you are designing your opening around a configuration, we can help you fine tune your layout.

    Every door we manufacture is custom and manufactured to your exact sizes and chosen configuration.

  • Helping you keep cool all year round

    Thermal Efficiency

    Your Origin Bi-fold Doors will keep you cool during the hot summer months. With a certified U-Value of 1.3*, it means that your energy bills will be significantly reduced as well as helping you stay green.

  • Safety first

    a unique set of safety features

    A child with his hand in the fold of a door

    Nothing is more important than safety and comfort in your home. That's why we've designed them into every Origin product.

    The Bi-fold Door comes with a bespoke 'finger safe' seal between each door leaf, which ensures that even when they are fully open and folded to their maximum extent, there is no gap for little fingers to get trapped in. Cleverly the lead door is prevented from slamming or being caught by gusts of wind by a strong magnetic stay which holds the door in the open position.

    The threshold design allows the bottom track to be encased in the floor and hides away the free-glide roller system to prevent little fingers from getting trapped.

  • 10 Year guarantee
    10 year guarantee

    Peace of mind

    Unrivalled craftsmanship and
    performance guarantees

    Each bespoke Origin Bi-fold Door is designed and manufactured at our impressive state of the art UK facility.

    Only ultra-high quality components, specially designed by us, are used in an Origin Bi-fold Door. Every one of our skilled craftsmen takes pride in creating the best folding sliding doors money can buy.

    That's why Origin Bi-fold Doors are guaranteed by us to perform faultlessly for at least five years. Each bespoke door set comes with a unique serial number that guarantees the doors at the property for ten years.

  • Low threshold

    Seamless indoor to outdoor living

    Origin Bi-fold Doors sweep away the boundaries between the inside and the outside of your home. Low threshold designs allow for equal floor finishes inside and out. There are two options available; weathered and non-weathered. Visually, the effect is stunning. Practically, it creates one space out of two for the ultimate use of your home.

  • Corner Bi-fold Doors

    There are instances that a conventional door design is perfectly suitable but in the case that your room layout is slightly more unusual, we will have a configuration to suit your room – whether it be a corner set of doors at a 90 degree angle or even a bay set, your options on an Origin Bi-fold Door are virtually limitless. Turn a dark corner into a feature that floods your room with natural light to make even more of your living space.

    An example corner Bi-fold door set

Bright, summertime colours evocative of a vintage seaside resort complete with bunting and candy floss.

  • RAL 1034 Deckchair Yellow
  • RAL 3012 Beige Red
  • RAL 3014 Antique Red
  • RAL 3017 Rose
  • RAL 3015 Light Pink
  • RAL 3022 Salmon Pink
  • RAL 4002 Red Violet
  • RAL 4005 Clifftop Heather
  • RAL 5023 Distant Blue
  • RAL 6021 Rock Pool
The Beach Hut Collection

Gentle shades of pale cream, dusky greens and greys which are ideal for period properties.

  • RAL 1000 Green Beige
  • RAL 1001 Sandstone
  • RAL 1014 Ivory
  • RAL 1015 Light Ivory
  • RAL 7032 Solid Granite
  • RAL 7035 Light Grey
  • RAL 9001 Cream
  • RAL 9002 Grey White
  • RAL 9016 Classic White
  • RAL 9018 Papyrus White
The Heritage Collection

Your doors will dazzle with these bright, bold colours straight out of the Pop Art era.

  • RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow
  • RAL 2004 Pure Orange
  • RAL 3018 Strawberry Red
  • RAL 3020 Marilyn's Lipstick
  • RAL 3027 Raspberry Red
  • RAL 4003 Heather Violet
  • RAL 5005 Signal Blue
  • RAL 5015 Hockney Blue
  • RAL 6018 Crisp Apple
  • RAL 6029 Mint Green
The Pop Art Collection

Go back to nature with earthy tones inspired by the rich greens and browns of the natural world.

  • RAL 1020 Olive Yellow
  • RAL 6013 Mill Pond
  • RAL 7003 Moss Grey
  • RAL 7006 Beige Grey
  • RAL 7008 Forest Fern
  • RAL 7009 Green Grey
  • RAL 7013 Brown Grey
  • RAL 7022 Umbra Grey
  • RAL 8016 Rich Peat
  • RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown
The Naturalist Collection

Deep, jewel like reds, greens and royal purple tones, reflect the luxury interior design of private clubs of a by-gone era.

  • RAL 3003 Ruby Red
  • RAL 3004 Chesterfield
  • RAL 3007 Black Red
  • RAL 4004 Claret Violet
  • RAL 5002 Royal Blue
  • RAL 5011 Steel Blue
  • RAL 5022 Night Blue
  • RAL 6004 Blue Green
  • RAL 6012 Regiment
  • RAL 6026 Opal Green
The Gentleman's Club Collection

Step back into the 60s and 70s when interiors were synonymous with bright colour and bold tones from across the spectrum.

  • RAL 1005 Norfolk Mustard
  • RAL 1012 Lemon Yellow
  • RAL 1028 Melon Yellow
  • RAL 2003 Pastel Orange
  • RAL 3031 Orient Red
  • RAL 5009 Trafalgar Blue
  • RAL 5020 Ocean Blue
  • RAL 5021 Water Blue
  • RAL 6025 Fern Green
  • RAL 6032 Shamrock
The Retro Collection

Bring the classic cool of a beachside Hamptons hideout to your home with this gorgeous collection of Ralph Lauren inspired tones.

  • RAL 1016 Citrus
  • RAL 3001 Signal Red
  • RAL 5012 Light Blue
  • RAL 5013 Cobalt Blue
  • RAL 5014 Mineral Blue
  • RAL 5017 Blue Blazer
  • RAL 5024 Pastel Blue
  • RAL 6019 Pastel Green
  • RAL 6027 Mint Julep
  • RAL 7031 Blue Grey
The Hamptons Collection

Warmth radiates from the terracotta tones of the Tuscany Collection which features earthy hues found in rural Tuscan villages.

  • RAL 1011 Brown Beige
  • RAL 1019 Olive Grove
  • RAL 1024 Ochre Yellow
  • RAL 2001 Red Orange
  • RAL 7002 Olive Grey
  • RAL 8000 Green Brown
  • RAL 8008 Olive Brown
  • RAL 8015 Chestnut Brown
  • RAL 8023 Terracotta
  • RAL 8025 Espresso
The Tuscany Collection

Metropolitan colours of greys and blacks are the perfect complement for classic urban style.

  • RAL 5004 Black Blue
  • RAL 6015 Black Olive
  • RAL 7000 Olive Grey
  • RAL 7021 Black Grey
  • RAL 7024 Graphite Grey
  • RAL 7038 Cool Grey
  • RAL 7046 Solid Steel
  • RAL 7047 Light Grey
  • RAL 8022 Black Brown
  • RAL 9005 Jet Black
The Urban Chic Collection
+150 Beautiful colours

Origin offer over 150 RAL colours for our doors so you can choose the exact shade to suit your home and your style. The RAL colour system is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today and offers a true representation of the colour finish of your doors.

RAL booklet
RAL 1000 RAL 1001 RAL 1002 RAL 1003 RAL 1004 RAL 1005 RAL 1006 RAL 1007
RAL 1011 RAL 1012 RAL 1013 RAL 1014 RAL 1015 RAL 1016 RAL 1017 RAL 1018
RAL 1019 RAL 1020 RAL 1021 RAL 1023 RAL 1024 RAL 1026 RAL 1027 RAL 1028
RAL 1032 RAL 1033 RAL 1034 RAL 1035 RAL 1036 RAL 1037 RAL 2000 RAL 2001
RAL 2002 RAL 2003 RAL 2004 RAL 2005 RAL 2007 RAL 2008 RAL 2009 RAL 2010
RAL 2011 RAL 2012 RAL 2013 RAL 3000 RAL 3001 RAL 3002 RAL 3003 RAL 3004
RAL 3005 RAL 3007 RAL 3009 RAL 3011 RAL 3012 RAL 3013 RAL 3014 RAL 3015
RAL 3016 RAL 3017 RAL 3018 RAL 3020 RAL 3022 RAL 3024 RAL 3026 RAL 3027
RAL 3028 RAL 3031 RAL 3032 RAL 3033 RAL 4001 RAL 4002 RAL 4003 RAL 4004
RAL 4005 RAL 4006 RAL 4007 RAL 4008 RAL 4009 RAL 4010 RAL 4011 RAL 4012
RAL 5000 RAL 5001 RAL 5002 RAL 5003 RAL 5004 RAL 5005 RAL 5007 RAL 5008
RAL 5009 RAL 5010 RAL 5011 RAL 5012 RAL 5013 RAL 5014 RAL 5015 RAL 5017
RAL 5018 RAL 5019 RAL 5020 RAL 5021 RAL 5022 RAL 5023 RAL 5024 RAL 5025
RAL 5026 RAL 6000 RAL 6001 RAL 6002 RAL 6003 RAL 6004 RAL 6005 RAL 6006
RAL 6007 RAL 6008 RAL 6009 RAL 6010 RAL 6011 RAL 6012 RAL 6013 RAL 6014
RAL 6015 RAL 6016 RAL 6017 RAL 6018 RAL 6019 RAL 6020 RAL 6021 RAL 6022
RAL 6024 RAL 6025 RAL 6026 RAL 6027 RAL 6028 RAL 6029 RAL 6032 RAL 6033
RAL 6034 RAL 6035 RAL 6036 RAL 6037 RAL 6038 RAL 7000 RAL 7001 RAL 7002
RAL 7003 RAL 7004 RAL 7005 RAL 7006 RAL 7008 RAL 7009 RAL 7010 RAL 7011
RAL 7012 RAL 7013 RAL 7015 RAL 7016 RAL 7021 RAL 7022 RAL 7023 RAL 7024
RAL 7026 RAL 7030 RAL 7031 RAL 7032 RAL 7033 RAL 7034 RAL 7035 RAL 7036
RAL 7037 RAL 7038 RAL 7039 RAL 7040 RAL 7042 RAL 7043 RAL 7044 RAL 7045
RAL 7046 RAL 7047 RAL 7048 RAL 8000 RAL 8001 RAL 8002 RAL 8003 RAL 8004
RAL 8007 RAL 8008 RAL 8011 RAL 8012 RAL 8014 RAL 8015 RAL 8016 RAL 8017
RAL 8019 RAL 8022 RAL 8023 RAL 8024 RAL 8025 RAL 8028 RAL 8029 RAL 9001
RAL 9002 RAL 9003 RAL 9004 RAL 9005 RAL 9006 RAL 9007 RAL 9010 RAL 9011
RAL 9016 RAL 9017 RAL 9018 RAL 9022 RAL 9023

Choose your handles

As with every other component of our doors, our handles are crafted to be both stylish and practical. The handles are available in a range of classic finishes including premium stainless steel and colour co-ordinated options.

  • Steel

    Style: 253/270 Solid stainless steel handle with long back plate

  • Silver

    Style: YSHLL-PC Security handle lever chrome

  • Gold

    Style: YSHLL-PG Security handle lever gold

  • White

    Style: YSHLL-WH Security handle lever white

  • Black

    Style: YSHLL-BL Security handle lever black

  • Style 251

    Style: 251/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle - comes with separate escutcheon

  • Style 253

    Style: 253/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle - comes with separate escutcheon

  • Style 301

    Style: 301/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle - comes with separate escutcheon

  • Style 303

    Style: 303/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle - comes with separate escutcheon

Important documentation

At Origin we pride ourselves on providing our customers future customers and installers with up to date important product information and updates. So, whether you’re still in the process of selecting your Bi-fold Doors or involved with the installation process, there’s information here to help you every step of the way.

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